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Here in this GREEN region, there has hardly been any contamination! However, the French government has taken the following measures for all of France to avoid minor outbreaks as well.

Here in France, from 20-7 you are required to have a mouth mask ON in public spaces (on the other side of a door, in a room with 4 walls and a ceiling, where several people can be). Also in a restaurant, if you move ... You put such a thing in your bag or pocket and you always have it ready, can not be very difficult ... No, it is not about "medically responsible" it's about protecting another person from your saliva that (anyway) comes out of your mouth when you talk :-D

A campsite is usually outside all activities, you always have enough distance and so a mask is really not necessary here!

Our sanitary building is NOT a public building here, because all doors to the toilet or shower are on the outside. The roof is a kind of roof; it is 'outside'. We also eat outside (voluntary registration), you disinfect your hands and we keep the meter away ... It is really not that exciting, but very clear


We notice that it is nice to have guidelines regarding the virus, so below our protocol:




Keep your distance! The 1 meter rule applies here.


In the sanitary building, a dispenser with alcohol is hung on both the shower side and the toilet side. We ask everyone to disinfect their hands before touching a door handle or a water tap. With a cloth you can disinfect it even more if you want. On the side of the sinks, the passage is blocked and we have closed 2 taps. So that a maximum of 2 people can wash at the same time. It is better to do the dishes at the tent / caravan. Leave everything perfectly clean for your fellow campers.

The cleaning of the whole will be done by us several times a day, with the same precision as usual. If we clean you will have to wait for us.


Bread service and meals

Freshly baked bread, croissants, etc. can still be ordered and picked up at the reception every morning.

Several times a week we provide an evening meal for which you can register. We have placed the tables at a sufficient distance from each other and ask you to disinfect your hands before you take a seat. A dispenser is ready. It is also all in the fresh air, so all in all little risk. Several people can sit at the table in France (if all agree). We respect all wishes! If you want distance, that's there for you.


  • If you run into something, people who do not comply with the new rules, or if for any reason you feel unsafe, speak up / come to us. It is new and difficult for everyone.


  • Do you feel ill? Do you suddenly have a loss of taste and smell, or other symptoms such as a fever? Please report this IMMEDIATELY (!!) so that we can take appropriate action and possibly contact the local physician. We want to protect everyone in these times.


Despite all this, we will ensure that you have a safe and unforgettable beautiful holiday with us.

Thank you for your cooperation! We would like to hear questions and comments!


Erik and Monique

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